Sunday, May 27, 2012

Video Episode 2

Even though we've been here in Guyana for a week now, I haven't had enough good Internet to upload any videos.  So this is only the second episode of our trip showing a short video montage of our travels from the U.S. to Guyana, but I hope you enjoy it!  In other news, the Lord is greatly blessing the meetings here and many people are making decisions to be baptized and give their lives totally to God!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arrival in Guyana!

I'm so excited, our team has finally arrived safely in Guyana!  Only one student was left behind due to a problem with his Visa, but he's in the process of getting it now and will be arriving here in a couple of days which is an answer to prayer in itself.

So far, I've been earning the reputation of being last on this trip.  After a hectic couple of days filled with flying from Alaska to Tennessee, spending a day packing, and doing last minute shopping, I was about ten minutes late meeting up with the team at Southern.  After driving the two hours to the Atlanta airport, our team proceeded to get their boarding passes, which was when I found out that the ticketing agent had misspelled my name.  So by the time I got that situation all figured out, the rest of the team was waiting on me.  Everything went fine again until we were going through security, and the TSA official had to rescan my bag.  Somehow it came out that I was heading over to Guyana on a mission trip, whereupon she excitedly told me she was from Guyana and we had a lively little talk about the country.  Which made me late.  Again.  But oh well, I may not have come in first but I've definitely arrived in Guyana with everyone else.

This evening we met with our pastors, elders, and local leaders at the churches we will be preaching at.  Everyone's excited and nervous at the same time.  It's going to be an exciting few weeks and I know lives will be changed - even among us students.  Continue praying for our team and the local leaders as we prepare to start the evangelistic series this coming Friday!

To see more photos of the trip, visit the Picasa album at:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing the Team

The date for our departure is getting closer!!  In the past few weeks I was privileged to interview most of the students who are participating in this trip.  It was so exciting to hear how the Lord was leading in their lives and how they got involved in this mission.  We're a diverse group of students with different interests, majors, and cultural backgrounds, but we're all united in following the Lord and sharing the gospel with those who have not heard it before.

I can't wait to see the miracles that will be performed and the lives that will be changed.  I know it will happen, because our God is more powerful than all the hosts of darkness endeavoring to keep these 14, energetic students from spreading the love of God.  Will you join us in praying that the forces of darkness are held back and that the Holy Spirit will work mightily on our behalf?  With God on our side and a band of prayer warriors like you urging us on, there's no possibility for failure.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Welcome to this brand new blog, dedicated to documenting our mission trip to Guyana!

A few weeks ago we were getting ready to hear Doug Batchelor speak during a weekend seminar.  My friend Deborah Reeves and I were chatting about summer plans, and she asked if I'd be interested in going on a mission trip to Guyana during the first part of the summer.  Would I!!  I jumped at the opportunity.  The way the Lord worked everything out was incredible.  I heard about the mission opportunity on Sabbath, and by Monday morning I was in the ERC (Southern's Evangelistic Resource Center) asking if the position was still open.  It was, so I signed up and began the work of locating the necessary funds as well as getting my passport renewed.  It took three tries before I was successful at getting the ball rolling with my passport, but I finally made it to the Post Office and sent in the application for renewal.  I've already seen the Lord orchestrate things remarkably and can't wait to see what He has in store for both me and the mission team during this trip.

I'm going to be joining a group of 13 other young people as we preach the Gospel in Georgetown, Guyana, over a three week span.  It's going to have it's challenges and hardships but the blessings will definitely outweigh them all.  I'm really excited about the opportunity to preach another evangelistic series and can't wait for the trip to begin.

So what can you do to be part of this mission venture?  Actually, there are two ways!  First, I ask that you join me in prayer both for our team as we prepare to preach the Gospel, as well as for the people in Guyana that they will be open and ready to receive the message.  This is the most crucial activity during mission trips and one I sincerely hope you will join me in doing.  Secondly, sign up for email updates from this blog!  I plan on posting a lot, complete with videos and pictures so that you too may feel like you're experiencing the journey with us.  So feel free to enter your email address in the space provided on the right in order to stay up-to-date on our mission endeavors.

Invite your friends to join us in prayer and follow the blog as well, and together we will see precious souls won for Christ in Guyana!